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Is a Paperless Clinic Possible for Chiropractors?

The evolution of digital technology has led to the transformation of many industries and the healthcare industry is no exception. More and more processes of a clinic are dependent on technology today. However, despite the recent technological advancements, many medical offices and clinics are a long way from going paperless. These healthcare facilities suffer from paper-related inefficiencies, which result in increased administrative costs, delay in service delivery, and compromised quality of healthcare services. These problems can shift focus of chiropractitioners, causing them to spend more of their time on administrative tasks.

paperless chiropractic clinic team

Not a single piece of paper in sight, and chiroporactic students even have free time to pat the dog.

NexySoft – Helping Chiro Clinics Go Paperless

Reducing paper dependency is an effective way to avoid the above mentioned problems and increase a clinic’s efficiency and profit. Today, there are a number of companies that offer chiropractic-specific clinic management software. These software programs can help clinics digitize their processes and increase their efficiency. However, when deciding to partner with a software provider, it is important that chiropractic practitioners choose a knowledgeable, experienced partner who can analyse the clinic’s current practices and develop a customised solution for reducing paper dependency in such a way that it doesn’t affect the flow of processes.
At NexySoft, we understand that as a chiropractic practitioner, your time is valuable, and therefore we have designed the chiro clinic management software to make sure that you spend less of your time on administrative tasks and more of it, on your patients.

How Can NexySoft Facilitate Your Digital Transformation?

The decision to make a shift from paper-intensive environment to digital document storage and management is not an easy decision. The transformation requires a solution that’s well-built and effective. NexySoft is a comprehensive clinic management package that offers all the features a practitioner can look for in order to better management their practice. From electronic health records and appointment management to 24×7 mobile access, the software boasts a number of impressive features. Read on, and be sure to see a NexySoft demo as well.

1. Comprehensive Management of Medical Records

From SOAP notes and patients’ health records to billing documents, chiro clinics generate bulk amounts of documents everyday which can be difficult to store and manage. Also, improper management of documents can slow down the retrieval process, causing your clinic’s waiting time to increase. With NexySoft chiro clinic management software, one can electronically store, manage, and retrieve all the records. This helps a clinic save the cost and time spent on the storage, management, and retrieval of the documents.

2. Optimised Financial Performance with Integrated Payment Modules

NexySoft clinic management software goes above and beyond an average clinic management and billing software. Since it’s a complete chiro clinic management solution, it has integrated payment modules which make it easier to manage the financial aspects of the business.
The software automatically posts all financial transactions and compiles the data so that you can easily retrieve all financial information as and when required. With NexySoft, you can manage your receipts, receivables, and revenue.

3. Access Your Information Anywhere, Anytime

Has your server ever crashed? Have you been a victim of theft or faced a natural disaster? Conventional clinic systems are vulnerable to a number of risks. Natural disasters, technological problems, and thefts can all potentially limit you from providing services to your patients and result in disgruntled customers and lost revenue.
NexySoft chiro clinic management software is available in three different forms – server-based software, cloud-based software, and NexySoft IPad app. All three types allow you full access to your system, which means that you can register new patients, schedule appointments, and even print receipts from your handheld device in the face of a natural disaster or system crash.
Also, the software allows you to access your system from a remote location, using any mobile device. Since it is cloud-based chiro clinic management software, you can access it online anytime, from anywhere. Whether you’re using a handheld device, a desktop PC, or a laptop, it allows you to log into a secure cloud and access your data with ease.

4. Improved Security with Controlled Access

One of the most important considerations of going paperless is compliance with patient information safety and confidentiality regulations. NexySoft helps clinics improve their compliance by providing them a secure clinic management solution. With the ‘controlled access’ feature, the clinic administrator can designate individuals who can access the information while limiting others from using the system. This not only improves compliance, but also helps your patients realise that you’re concerned about their health records, safety, and protection.

5. Amplify Your Clinic’s Profitability with Valuable Statistics

One of the greatest benefits of using NexySoft clinic management software is that the product allows you to review and analyse valuable statistics that can help you monitor and measure your clinic’s profitability. From patients’ influx to revenue earned and cost of quality per patient, there are a number of statistics that you can access through this system. This quantitative information then can be used to devise strategic plans and long-term objectives for the practice.

dr of chiropracty with his software

“With NexySoft I can spend an extra hour or more per day with my patients”

Connecting Efficiency with Care – NexySoft – Paperless and Patient Friendly

NexySoft is designed to enhance the clinical and financial productivity of chiropractic clinics by eliminating the unnecessary costs and time spent in managing ‘paper’. Data collected from various studies reflect that the ‘cost of paper’ can potentially damage a clinic’s bottom-line and impact their survivability in the long-run. To help you better understand the severity of the issue, here are some concrete numbers.
– It costs $20 in labour to find a document; $120 if misfiled.
– The average medical document is copied 9 to 11 times, costing about $18.
85% of mistakes in family offices involve document-related activities .
These statistics reveal that going paperless is not only a potential solution to reduce administrative costs, but can help practices improve their patients’ health outcomes by reducing the number of medical errors. NexySoft is the right solution to enjoy these benefits as it’s a complete chiro clinic management solution.

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