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Chiropractic SOAP Notes Simplified

Careful patient file maintenance is a must for chiropractors, and NexySoft’s EHR module includes SOAP note entry via touch screen and keyboard. Our clients report a 46% reduction in time spent on note taking after introducing our clinic management software. Request your free and no-obligation live demo now! Sign-up now online for a free 20-minute live demo tomorrow.

SOAP Notes Software – Go Paperless!

NexySoft is designed by chiropractors for fast and accurate note taking in a chiropractic contex. The SOAP notes functionality was built just for professional chiropractic clinics. It is employed sucessfully in practices of all sizes to ensure compliance, improve patient care, and save time. The most important feedback from NexySoft chiropractors is that they now have more time to devote to client interaction.

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Characteristics of SOAP Notes

We all know what S.O.A.P. stands for: Subjective – Objective – Assessment – Plan

Let’s review the detail and see how the NexySoft chiropractic clinic management software supports the SOAP requirements.

The subjective part of SOAP is the patient’s description of the problem or symptoms in their own choice of phrasing. It’s subjective in that the facts are reported from their point of view, and we record what they tell us independent of the results of an exam, tests, or our own opinion. Elements to explore with the patient include:
• Location- Where does it hurt?
• How the injury occurred – What caused the problem?
• Onset – When did it start?
• Palliative/Provocative – What constraints or actions do not hurt or improve the problem? What movements aggravate it?
• Quality – The client’s words to describe the pain or problem they are experiencing.
• Radiation or referral– To what degree does the pain radiate from the focal point?
• Severity of the pain and other symptoms.
• When are symptoms the strongest? – Upon rising, or at bedtime? Is there ongoing pain or is it intermittent?
• Other symptoms – What other issues is the patient experiencing that may or may not be related to the reported issue?
• Other treatments and caregivers – Has the patient seen other doctors or therapists for the issue?
• Progression of the complaint – Is it getting worse? How would the patient describe the changes over time?
• Recurrence – Has the patient had the same problem in the past? Get the history and assess if there is a recurrence.

The NexySoft touchscreen interface facilitates entry of chiropractic notes. With electronic note taking you will find that the process will go as fast as you can elicit information from the patient.

The objective information portion of the notes includes facts and figures only, generally the results of the physical exam and any test results available. Information such as the client’s age, height, and weight can be included here as well. Measurements of pulse and blood pressure, as well as other vital signs are considered objective notes too. Imaging is also part of the objective component of chiropractic SOAP notes.

NexySoft’s EHR supports all types of chiropractic imaging and documents, so you can go paperless in your clinic.

Your assessment and diagnosis will follow from the Subjective and Objective information. Here you will also document the treatment and its’ results. Some insurance regimes will require that the Assessment reference a diagnoses on a pre-established list of conditions that they approve for chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic practice software will facilitate a clear assessment record and provide sufficient documentation for any insurance compliance requirements.

The care plan for the client including treatments, frequency, and the expected duration. Here the chiropractor will also maintain a record of progress with specific metrics. You might track pain levels on a standard scale, or the patients gain in range of motion based on chiropractic therapies.

Chiropractic clinics running on NexySoft achieve compliance with Plan documentation by following the standard procedures built into the software. All NexySoft client report a pleasant decrease in record keeping time and complexity.

A Brief History of SOAP Notes

Dr. Lawrence Weed is credited as the originator of the SOAP note in the 1970’s. This was a welcome innovation in that it brought a standard structure to medical notes. While doctors always took notes a more common standard and level of detail was a step forward acknowledged by all.

One of the most important impacts of SOAP was the explicit incorporaton of both subjective and objective data. It is said that this has improved diagnostics by forcing a full consideration of the objective information and therefore less reliance on personal opinion and potentially unrelated experience.

The note standard has been adopted by chiropractors and many health and wellness practitioners, and is the first reference point in assessing and planning patient care.

Technological Change and Patient Records

From the 1970’s to today SOAP notes have only increased in importance. Drivers for the incorporation of standard and structured information have included professional organizations, insurers, and regulators – as well as chiropractic practitioners and medical professionals in all fields.

In the last decades much patient information has moved into Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) that generally include all the SOAP elements. Modern SOAP note software (and electronic forms) owe a large debt of gratitude to Dr. Weed and all the others who developed the concept of standard and objective patient records.

NexySoft Chiropractic Practice Management Software incorporates all the requirements for SOAP notes in an easy-to-use process that speeds up data entry and frees up chiropractors to spend more time face to face with thier patients.

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