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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Chiropractic EHR options have multipled and improved in recent years. NexySoft’s EHR/EMR module is updated with the latest functionality demanded by leading chiropractors in Canada and the USA. Our software is designed by chiropractors in that we incorporate direct feedback from our team of chiripractic clinics on a monthly basis. You can integrate NexySoft into your clinic operations as a locally hosted software, or via our cloud version. Get a free demo today.

Cloud-based chiropractic EHR – The new standard

Cloud EHR software is the fastest growing implementation style for our chiropractic clinic software. While we still fully support an in-clinic option, the majority of new customers opt for a cloud version of our software, hosted on our secure servers with full redundand backup and 24/7 monitoring. As high-speed internet has become standard, more and more chiropractors are leveraging it to reduce in-clinic operational complexity. Get a free demo today.

or Client medical records stored Locally in you clinic

NexySoft server version can be run on a computer in your clinic acting as a local server for all the terminals in your offices. You can benefit from the electronic medical records, SOAP notes, room scheduling, and billing integrations native to NexySoft while running the software package on your local network. You may prefer this if you don’t have fully reliable high-speed internet.

EHR Software Demo Process

  • Request a demo

    Use the form at right to send us a demo request. Please include your preferred time and your phone number.

  • Confirm the time

    We will contact you to set a time and date for the NexySoft chiropractic software demo. Looking forward to it!

  • Enjoy the demo

    Learn how NexySoft can increase the efficiency of your clinic. See how it compares to other management systems.

You will get an email from us to set up a time for your online demo. The software demonstration iteself will take about 20 to 30 minutes and we will be available to respond to your questions as well. We appreciate you taking time out of your day to research our clinic managemement software package for chiropractors. You will find that your time was well spent. Thanks for your interest.

integrated ehr is standard with Nexysoft

The NexySoft clinic management system does an excellent job with electonic medical records as well as supporting insurance billing, room scheduling,etc. But the most important deliverable is the integration of all facets of client and clinic managment in one place, with a shared database.

Imagine using different software tools for EHR, appointments, notes, and billing! Some chiropractors are living this bad dream, and NexySoft can help you wake up to a world where your energies can be focused on client care, because admin and compliance will be simplified and straightforward. After a brief period of adjustment and adaptation, our new clients invariably report that they are spending less time on admin than they did before their NexySoft implementation.

Whatever you pay for a management tool should come back to you in terms of efficiencies and additional capacity in your practice. With NexySoft your ROI is certain. Just ask any of our clients. The will have the time to answer you. You can hear what some of our customers say about our products by visiting our testimonials page.

The Paperless Clinic

“A paperless clinic” – Is this truly possible for a chiropractor?

Our answer is a resounding YES!.

We have seen NexySoft users transform their operational processes to take advantage of the software tool we offer. It is not always fast and easy to change the way your clinic and staff do things, but with a commitment and perseverence it is definitely possible.

You may start by going paperless in one part of your operations, and then expand the project to cover more and more activities as your team has success in simplifying daily tasks and reducing reliance on printed documents.

You can get an overview of how electonic medical records are impacting the medical profession at wikipedia.

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